Guess Who’s Back


          Guess who’s back and full vim and vigor and as my big sister used to say “learn a new word everyday” so there go two for you readers.  Black Investment Group LLC aka unknowingly and unawares was under attack the very domain name itself.  BIG Black Investment Group seem to fall into place during the huge BLM Black Lives Matter movement, Totally unnoticed in the beginning as a web developer we shed light on International, National, and Local affairs, events, and high profile news.  Fighting against Big Pharmacy, High lights of President Obama post presidency, ramped police violence nationwide.  As a growing web presence we have encountered many obstacles and with some degree of success while remaining competitive.  Its only after this last attack that it dawned on us that maybe not all is a coincidence.                     

          Black Investment Group (big) Believe In God (big) was the inspiration behind (big) hind sight I remember as a elementary student my oldest sister married a fella I grown fond of name J.C. Wallace founder co-founder of Gentlemen Of Distinction (GOD).  It was always refreshing for me to see a group of black men organized and committed for the same cause, may have been a deciding factor as to why I later joined the Marines Corp.  Founded in 2008 after a 13 year run working with Windows 95/98/Me/Workstation/Server, and who’s got mail.  We decided to throw our hat into the ring me and my main man John we clicked over some Latin phrases Semper Fidelis (always loyal) a phase USMC live and die for no one gets left behind my battle cry….His was Magna Cum Laude I’m like wtf is that being a lover of words went to the dictionary means he is smart no past smart recognized for being smart by your peers and much deeper than I could explain, go and learn a new word. 

          The  meeting of the minds two black men with united convictions Black Investment Group, Believe In God, (big) by design we chose to keep it all lower case letter as an adjective to describe the subject or noun bigMUSIC bigCOMPUTERS, bigFIX, bigCOMMUNITY, etc the world wide web was a plethora of vast, infinite, unconfounded, uncontested knowledge base of whatever you can conceive or believe people were buying domain names rather high jacking names with Industry major leagues “these are just examples of domain names not actual companies”.  We are an actual company and even until this day I cant find so we chose bolder than most….part I to be continued.




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